Kooper @ City
A new urban outlook

The Kooper is the ultimate urban transporter. Imagine the coolest e-scooter; strong but light, robust and fast as well as eco-friendly with cutting-edge technology and a slick look.
That’s what the Kooper is all about!
It is the perfect vehicle for those seeking freedom from parking and soaring gas prices. The Kooper provides a powerful and silent performance, while offering a smooth ride. It is equipped with unique rear suspension unit as well as two front shock-absorbers for a smooth ride and maximum maneuverability.
The Kooper is a result of a 6-year development process, manufactured in Europe and has been sold to thousands of happy customers since 2009. It employs state-of-the-art technology and best available materials which provide maximum power, reliability, speed and range.
Kooper USA’s mission is to lead the U.S. e-mobility market, develop high-end zero emission, environment-friendly, accessible and affordable urban electric vehicles.

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